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One of the few offices that accepts car accidents on a lien basis 

*Ask staff for details*

Experience Relief and Wellness at North Valley Chiropractic!

Patient reviews


Mary A.
Jynaia B.

Years of dancing and gymnastics, along with car accidents and a back surgery did a number on my back. I have never left a chiropractic office feeling "immediate relief" until I saw Dr. Seegrist. Not every adjustment feels like I'm cured, because that's not the way it works, but I always feel SIGNIFICANTLY better. I have seen other chiropractors before and never felt the relief I feel when I'm in the hands of Dr. Seegrist. I recommended him to a friend and she has seen the same results and consistently see's him now too!

Dr Steve has treated my sons and I! My first time with him was after a car accident in which I was facing surgery due to my neck injury, yet he was able to help me avoid surgery! My neck pain caused severe headaches which medication gave zero relief, but soon as I was adjusted headache gone! Now I have a fall injury and just like before he is a miracle worker! I highly recommend him for any pain issues or tune ups! Football players need him to keep their bodies aligned! This man had hand of an angel!

Leslie H.

"I had a lot of back pain and couldn't sleep at night. Since coming to chiropractic my pain has gone away. Sometimes my back will bother me and I come in for an adjustment and the pain goes away immediately."

Lauryn B.

"I have been having back pain since I have attended college. If I sat in class or studied for extended periods of time I would be in severe pain. Since receiving treatment I rarely feel pain while studying and I crack my back significantly less."


2056 Talbert Drive Suite 100
Chico, CA 95928

Tel: (530) 809-1077

Fax: (530) 636-4471

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Tuesday                  Closed
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Thursday                 Closed
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